Shakespeare's Globe Rebrand


A self-initiated project, I chose to rebrand Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London to bring it a dynamic identity that would appeal to a new generation of theatre-goers. Over the course of several visits to plays, tours of the building, and the museum held there, it became clear there is a lack of unity in the visuals of the theatre as well as many opportunities to engage with audiences in new ways that are not being taken advantage of.



In the redesign of the logo, I focused on the shape of the Globe theatre itself as it is a unique, circular open-air theatre. This is represented subtly in the new design. Research revealed that historically in the theatre, seeing what was on stage was not as important as hearing it. Thus, in terms of an overall design approach, I have taken famous quotes from Shakespeare's plays and typographically blended them into one another to give both static and moving visuals to the brand focusing on the most important thing about the Globe: the words that are said there. The three main plays are represented in the designs below are Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet, each denoted by a different colour.

In connecting the onsite branding to the website and the digital sphere, I came up with a concept in which visitors to the theatre each day can vote on their favourite Shakespeare quotation. Whichever play that quotation is from will be connected to a certain colour and the following day the branding on the website will change to reflect the audience's choice from the previous day.