Teamweek came to Hyper Island to work in collaboration to build a new toolbox to help cross disciplinary teams collaborate. In 12 hours, we came together in a collective effort to conceptualize or rejig various tools used in team dynamics and publish them on a website. My team was given the task to figure out a tool for the box that would work as an icebreaker. In a few short hours, we had come up with an entirely new concept and tested it with success.

Project length: 1 day.



Ideal for teams large or small, our invention Phototelling is a game of chance in which you reveal something about yourself to the group in an unprepared way through the photos on your phone. Often humorous, this tool helps teams to bond together, whether they know each other well or are just meeting for the first time. 

Please visit the official #HITeamweek Toolbox website to learn about Phototelling in more detail as well as the creations of other teams involved.