Mo' Code


The Movember Foundation


The Movember Foundation is a men's health charity well-known for their moustache fundraising campaign of the same name that occurs world-wide during the month of November. They came to use wanting to expand their image as a charity beyond association solely with the November Movember campaign in conjunction with new ideas about other methods to raise money for their cause. In a short design sprint, our team came up with a concept to address these issues.

Project length: 2 days.


Concept & Strategy

In response to the visibility problems the Movember foundation faces, coupled with a lack of engagement outside of the month of November, we created a year-long campaign with different levels of engagement catering to all types of donors. Our concept is entitled the Mo' Code, which is a QR code sticker placed on various health products that, when purchased, donate a portion of proceeds to the Movember foundation. The idea is that, by using the products that have the sticker, you are making healthy choices for yourself while also supporting men's health overall. If all a customer wants to do is purchase the product, the journey can end there. However, for donors that wish to be more enagaged, they can scan the QR code every time they purchase an item which will bring them to their donor page in the Movember foundation app. On this page, they can see how much they have raised by simply purchasing stickered products combined with their Movember moustache campaign efforts if they also participate in that. Similar the moustache campaign, the Mo' Code also has it's own special month harnessing the power of the holidays: December. During this month, collaborations with various health-related items produce special edition Movember foundation product to boost donations during the month. Overall, the Mo' Code campaign brings awareness to the Movember foundation year round while also driving further donations in a way that's easy to do.