Glastonbury Music Festival
(...without their knowledge)


In a unique situation, we were given free reign to design for whoever and whatever we wanted. However, agreeing on what that should be as a team is easier said than done. After much deliberation, we found a common interest in the idea of capturing and preserving memories in new and different ways. To keep things fun for ourselves, we picked a client (and therefore a scenario) to design for where we felt there were lots of exciting opportunities: designing for the attendees of the Glastonbury music festival.

Project length: 4 weeks.


Approach to Research

As a team we felt that, although we had a strictly limited timeframe, it was important for us to conduct as much research as we could into our chosen audience and direction. To accomplish this in the most time effective manner, we chose to publish an online survey and used the power of the Twittersphere to contact those in the music industry to present our survey to their followers. Using this approach, we gathered exactly 100 responses in two short days aiding us in our process.


In our aim to enhance the experience of a Glastonbury festival-goer, we utilized current advances in biometric technology to come up with the idea of a biometric tattoo used not only as entrance to the festival, but also as a way to gather data on the people who chose to opt-in and communicate it back to them in a meaningful way.


Prototyping & Concept Testing

After developing our concept, we took our lo-fi prototypes to individuals in person and tested the response to the concept overall, as well as which feedback from the tattoo was most valuable to each person. We continued to refine our prototypes and concept details in this test cycle until we were satisfied with our final proposal. During our pitch, we created the conditions of a music festival and distributed prototype tattoos to each person in the audience in an interactive consolidation of our work.

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